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Welcome to piccolo_balera! Here you can post anything girly and feminine, be it pictures, poetry, stories, or anything else you would like to share. We have monthly themes, a pen pal sign-up post, and a suggestion box. *just in case you want to get a word in!* :P Feel free to join and to post!
♥ When you join, please post an introduction!

♥ NO DRAMA! If I see any fighting, you will get a warning and said comments and/or post will be deleted. Second time, you're banned.

♥ No community promotions.

♥ If you're posting artistic nudity, please put it behind a cut, and give a warning. Some people might be at work or school. ;)

♥ You don't have to follow the month's theme, but please try to stick with the community's theme at all times.

♥ If you're posting a picture larger than 450 pixels, please put it behind a lj-cut! Don't know how? {lj-cut} Just replace {} with <>! :D

♥ Please try to keep curse words to minimum. Some people here are younger than you and others may not just like that stuff!
Current Monthly Theme:
Wishes. What do you wish for? Have any pictures of your wishes? Please share!

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