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05 December 2010 @ 02:28 pm
I know you said no promotions, but PLEASE let this through <3  

I don't normally do this, but it's for a really, really good cause. I promise. We're trying to find creative members for our community. Some friends and I are working on what is to be THE BEST PRESENT EVAR (and is just generally a pretty cool project, if you ask me) and we're trying to get as many people involved as possible. If you enjoy writing or drawing, please check out inkingthesky

We're making a book that's a collection of original short stories/poems/illustrations as a gift for our friend and her children. She has five kids, ages 9 down to not even a year old, three of them have Birthdays RIGHT around Christmas. Can you imagine? D=
Also! We have decided to make a CD to go along with it. So if you can think of any songs that are kid-friendly and fun, or have a dreamy feel to them, please make some suggestions!

Now, for the part that will interest you. Here's some picture inspiration to hopefully awaken your imagination, and inspire you to help with our project. ;D

Come on, don't be like this guy.

[Pretty image heavy. One NSFW. Some are thumbnails, click for full awesomeness.]


Almost all of these were stolen from the the photobucket of heartcork <3 She's lovely and has great taste.

Types of posts we're looking for:
- Stories/artwork you've already created and wouldn't mind contributing to the book
- Anything you want to create just for this project
- Idea posts for stories, characters, settings, anything
- Inspiration posts with images, songs, or links
- Discussions are acceptable, as long as it pertains to the theme (example: favorite story as a child, what series do you think is the most creative, books that should be made into movies)

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